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Helping consumers to make those special evenings in Special in the £1.4 billion Meal-treat & Big Night In market!

Consumers like to indulge or treat themselves and whether its couples wanting A Big Night In, during Valentines, some ‘us time’ or simply spending special time with friends and family, ‘at home’ Meal-treats & Big Night In as once typified by those ubiquitous £10 Meals for 2 deals, has grown to a £1.4+ billion market!
It was into this ‘on-trend’ market that the first Dine For’ promotion was launched to help consumers make those special evenings-in Special! The results from the first four years of Dinner To Dine For campaigns were great, clearly demonstrating the appetite for ‘at-home’ meal-treats which is why the campaign returns for a fifth time in February 2022 to help celebrate those Big Night Ins’!


5th Dinner To Dine For

 February 7th -20th 2022

Grocery Gurus are the market-leading, multi award-winning grocery promotional marketers and it’s into the dynamic market Meal-treat & Big Night In market that we’re that we are re-introducing the ever popular, long-running Dinner To Dine For Campaign in February 2022.

An altogether better Meal-treat 

& Big Night In experience!

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5th Dinner To Dine For

Making those special nights in - Special

A unique Meal-treat & Big Night In category specific multi-brand, multi-channel campaign with 5 key activational areas!

A changed format reflecting changed times

2022 will be the 5th anniversary of the Dinner To Dine For campaign and now more than ever consumers need a treat. Based on the existing award-winning Dinner To Dine For promotional format, but, following the ongoing effects of the Covid pandemic, with a changed emphasis; A multi-channel event combining both live RoadShow sampling and virtual streamed gallery-style experiential with Grocery GratisTM social-sampling plus major media, social, on-line and promotional activity & trade support.

Featuring Live RoadShows + Virtual, streamed Experiential & Full support!


Live RoadShow experiential sampling

Big Night In RoadShow sampling reach 135k with 12k individual brand samples


Radio, print & on-line; 365 pieces – campaign editorial + branded competitions - coverage 71m

Social & Web

Campaign & branded social interactions, target 175k + campaign website, 80k usv’s

Promotional &
Trade support

Celebrity Chef, + Win 5* Dinner Parties, downloadable sponsor branded coupons & sponsor branded PoS

Branding, SoV & Activation

Hi-impact branding & equal Share of Voice guaranteed for all sponsors

Full activation, no call on brand resources

Big Night In categories

Up to 8 Exclusive
Meal-treat &
Big Night In brand categories

Value & Cost

Overall campaign value approx; £1.65

Cost of exclusive category sponsorship <1% of campaign value!

4 key activational areas

Meal-treat & Big Night In product categories we’d
love to fill…

Desserts & Ice Cream
Pizza & Pasta
Rice & Noodles
Soft drinks & Mixers
Starters & Soup
Spirits & Liqueurs 
Wine & much more…

All-inclusive campaign activational cost

Exclusive product categories, with everything being included; planning, full activation/sampling, staff, creative, media/social, promotional & full reporting etc. in the cost. No call on brands marketing resources. Only additional cost; product for sampling/prizes & any price promotion support.

Together Is Better in 2022

Targeted campaigns covering most major grocery occasions or categories

Despite the Covid pandemic we will still live in an ‘Experience Economy’ and Grocery Gurus is a dedicated promotional marketing agency that creates, owns & activates ‘Together Is Better’ – multi award-winning, multi-brand, multi-channel shared grocery brand experiences.

Running, and Covid pandemic permitting, from July 2021 but with a changed format reflecting the ‘New Norm’ our category or occasion based grocery experiences will bring together synergistic brands within an integrated live RoadShows, virtual experiential, & media/social promotional event, creating much greater engagement and brand cut-through at a very much more cost-effective rate than other grocery promotional activities! ly

April 18th - May 2nd 2022

4th A Better Breakfast + National Deskfast Day – Breakfast

May 9th - 23rd 2022

1st Free From Fortnight –
Free-from & Plant-based

June 6th - 26th 2022

26th National BBQ Week + 9th Britain's Best BBQ'er – BBQ

July 8th - 24th 2022

21st Gastro Alfresco –
Alfresco eating & entertaining

August 29th - September 18th 2022

5th It's Lunchtime –
Brunch & Lunch

February 7th - 20th 2022

5th Dinner To Dine For -
Big Night In

November 7th - 20th 2022

4th Get Wine Wise + 11th National Wine Week – Wine Education

November 21st - December 4th 2022

1st Mixorama –
At-home cocktails

Join us on a Meal-treat & Big Night In promotional journey

5th Dinner To Dine For – Making those special nights in – Special

 7th – 20th February 2022  


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